Maarif Koleji Bursluluk Sınavı Düzenliyor

Together with opening of “Maarif Koledž” gymnasium, Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo has completed its education circle. Taking into a consideration the fact that it is the supporter of institutions which provide students with academic, primary and pre-school education, the Foundation has reached its aim, and that is the continuous education from kindergarden to PhD degree.

Innovation in education

We are aware of the fact that contemporary education needs to follows the latest trends which are dominant in the labour market. Taking that into a consideration, the Founder wanted to open high school too, which will simultaneously provide students with knowledge, skills and competences which will make them ready to be part of the labour market right after finishing their high school.  In the same time, it will give them a great foundation for further education and career development.

School program

“Maarif Koledž” is a 4-year-lasting gymnasium with two domains for students to choose:  a Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) domain as well as Visual Communication and Design (VCD) domain. Besides the possibility for the graduating students of this high school to acquire high school professional qualifications with the title high-school graduate degree referring to one of the two specific domains, they are offered to attend Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge A/AS Level programmes and thus they can pass international exams and get Cambridge high school degree as well.

Scholarship for students

Following the example of IUS (and from this year PPOŠ “Isa-beg Ishaković” as well) which has a long-lasting tradition of providing students with different scholarships, the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo has decided to conduct testing and thus give a chance to all students who want to enrol to “Maarif Koledž” gymnasium to gain a scholarship. Depending on the test result, students have the opportunity to win a scholarship in the amount of 10% up to 100% of the total tuition fee.

The testing will be held in “Maarif Koledž” gymnasium premises, at the address Banjalučka 14, Vraca, 71 000 Sarajevo on Wednesday, 23 August 2017 at 12:00 o’clock. We invite all of the students who are seeking quality and security in their education to attend the testing and win valuable scholarships.

Why are we different?

The curriculum (except Cambridge IGCSE and A/As Level subjects) will be implemented in Bosnian language. The curriculum implementation has been envisioned as theoretical and practical classes realisation, with a strong emphasis on the practical part. The gymnasium is equipped with the state of art technology for skills development and for acquiring knowledge and different abilities. Through the curriculum implementation, the focus will be on the so-called “soft skills” development, which includes developing sense for professionalism, working ethics and social responsibility in students.

Considering the inclusiveness principle which has already been applied in our primary school “Isa-beg Ishaković” as well as at the IUS, the gymnasium will offer specially designed extra-curricular contents for gifted students as well as for the students with disabilities.  These contents will give them an adequate encouragement for expressing their own needs and/or talents.


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