ZiraatBank BH to Provide Additional Scholarships for Future IUS Students

The agreement on cooperation between International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and ZiraatBank BH has been signed today, with an aim to participate in student financial aid.

Deriving from the IUS mission, which is to offer quality education to persons with potential to transform knowledge into value, be that for personal of for the benefit of whole community, and from the mission of ZiraatBank BH, which is to contribute to the economic growth, development of banking sector, and eventually living standard of Bosnian-Herzegovinian citizens, the said institutions have recognized the capacities that joint cooperation can have in accomplishment of their missions.

The starting point for scholarship award will be general knowledge test that IUS organizes every year with great success. This test is an opportunity for the fourth year high school students to continue their quality education and build careers. As a result of the agreement, ZiraatBankBH will provide additional 50,000 BAM for student scholarships at the IUS in the next academic year.

“ZiraatBankBH is present in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1997, as a first bank with foreign capital. Since its founding until today, ZiraatBank BH has financed many start-ups, helped existing companies in their growth and expansion, contributed immensely to making new jobs, helped farmers and individual entrepreneurs, offered competitive credits, even with 0% interest rate. The agreement signed regarding participation in the student scholarships is just one of its contributions towards strengthening economic condition of BiH, and investment into people.” – said ZiraatBank representatives.

At the IUS, they say that students get generous scholarships from the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo. Many of the scholarships cover 100% of tuition costs, meaning that students do not pay for it.  Apart from this, many scholarships are awarded in percentages such as 95% and 75%, enabling a larger number of Bosnian-Herzegovinian students to study at this university. This new agreement will additionally improve and boost the existing financial aid program.

Representatives of the IUS and ZiraatBank BH demonstrated their satisfaction with the agreement, and invite all fourth year students to start preparing for the general knowledge test, which will be organized in March 2018.

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