Speech of SEDEF President, Mr. Topaloğlu

Distinguished ambassadors, mayors, President of our Board of Trustees, rectors,, academicians, guests, dear parents, dear members of the press, dear students who have just completed their marathon towards graduation successfully, I salute you all warmly.

Welcome to our 11th graduation ceremony.

We give our heartfelt thanks to God that Sarajevo Education Development Foundation, created in 2001 by a handful of idealists, is now seeing the graduation of the 11th class of its first institution, the International University of Sarajevo. I pray to God that, alongside our university, our Foundation’s other educational institutions, the KiDIUS kindergarten, Isa Beg Ishaković Primary School, and Maarif College will aid in the betterment and service of humanity, by educating honorable and virtuous, well-informed, capable generations.

I offer my congratulations to our 275 graduates from all cycles of education this year. I believe that having come from thousands of kilometers to share classes and friendships, they will go back to their home countries to forge new bridges between their nations and add to the prosperity of their countries.

I wish our graduates success in every aspect of their lives, and, with all that they have learned and gained throughout their education, luck and an easier life. We will not forget them now that they are graduating. We will always follow and be happier for their successes. IUS will be the most important reference in your path to success.

I congratulate the academicians who have educated and given the best of their knowledge and life experience to their students. I also congratulate the parents who have resolutely sent their beloved children to us at the cost of remaining apart from them. I hope they will always be proud of their children.

As the SEDEF Foundation, I would like to offer our thanks to the Mayor of Ilidza Municipality, Prof. Dr. Senaid Memić, who has always supported our efforts to bring a new approach to education to Bosnia-Herzegovina, from kindergarten to doctoral study level.

In realizing these educational efforts thousands of kilometers from our country, trying to reflect the altruism and efforts of our fellow countrymen, we offer our thanks to our distinguished ambassador His Excellency Mr. Haldun Koç, and the officials of other Turkish institutions, who have provided us with their support every minute of every day. We are so glad to have you.

I would like to close my speech by wishing our graduates the very best, and Godspeed.



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