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International University of Sarajevo (IUS).

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) was established in the year of 2003, and is one of the largest educational projects in the Balkan region. At the very beginning, as a relatively young academic institution, IUS created an open, tolerant and international environment for its students, where young people have the opportunity to acquire new and exchange the existing knowledge and experiences with their fellow students and professors, but also with renewed guest speakers.

In the past ten years, higher education institutions offer good education to local and foreign students, for all three study cycles. The University has developed intensively throughout the years, and is among the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina who adopted the European standards of teaching.

During undergraduate and postgraduate studies, students are developing in a quality intellectual atmosphere and are able to choose one of the 14 programs of studies within the three faculties, containing programs in different areas ranging from industrial engineering and computer sciences through art and social sciences and up to business administration and humanities. We currently have more than 1600 students studying in the first and second cycle of studies, coming from all continents and 33 countries of the world.

An opportunity for those who studied and graduated at IUS, in a creative environment for intellectual development of young people, IUS enabled them to easily use those talents in the world of successful and trusted professionals and responsible citizens of B&H society, but also for those who come from different countries of the world.

In addition to maintaining a high level of education of professionals of different profiles, IUS specially focuses on: affirmation of their own work and achievements, involvement in the international university community, and long term cooperation with related universities achieved through various projects and programs.

In doing so, IUS was trying to attract and retain outstanding, qualified teachers and administrative staff which provide substantial contributions in the areas of their operations and participate in innovative research projects with the aim of continues improvement of service delivery to students and the community.

When founded, IUS had 14 employees and 68 students. The university currently employs 194 full time members of academic and administrative staff. The investment, and all the previous work and effort invested in the idea of IUS, were realized through an open, spacious and meaningful campus, construction of facilities and contemporary university buildings, two comfortable student dormitories, a modern research center, library as well as continues development of IUS capacities, including job opportunities and development of B&H society. University of Sarajevo.

Web Site: https://www.ius.edu.ba/



Bosna Hersek

Hrasnička cesta 15, 71210 Ilidža, Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina


Feshane Cd. No 21 Eyup Istanbul



BiH :

Tel  : +387 33 957 130
Fax : +387 33 957 105


Tel 1: +090 212 563 91 36
Tel 2: +090 212 563 91 79
Mobile:+090 533 308 95 52
E-Mail: iusistanbul@ius.edu.ba



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