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Preschool “Kid IUS“ is a kindergarten established to provide and improve the education and nurture of  children  ages 1 to 6. "Kid IUS" is located within the campus of the International University in Sarajevo, at the address Hrasnička cesta 15, Ilidža - Sarajevo. It has a total area of 356 m2 of interior space and volume of 1,032.40 m3. Kindergarten’s courtyard is about 300 m2 with a garden which is fully enclosed and separate from the main traffic road. All children's rooms are located on the ground floor and have direct access to the inner courtyard with a garden. The main entrance to the kindergarten is far from the street and safe access to it is provided as well. Parking places are also provided.

„Kid IUS“ has at its desposal the following rooms:

  • Reception room (dressing room) 20m2

  • Administrative Office (Staff room) 20m2
  • Working playroom 41m2
  • Working playroom 41m2
  • Working playroom 41m2
  • Playing room 41m2
  • Bedroom 41m2
  • Room for watching TV 23m2
  • Dining Room 47m2
  • Infirmary 20m2

All these rooms are connected by a common hallway, where there are also two bathrooms (male and female). Two large windows in every room make rooms bright and spacious.

The working team of “Kid IUS” are:

Preschool „Kid IUS“ implement the following programs:

  • comprehensive development program,
  • specialized programs,
  • compulsory program for children in the year before starting school,
  • program to strengthen parental skills

As part of the programs implemented in „Kid IUS“ there is organized:

  • All-day program (07:30-17 o'clock), price 250 KM
  • Half-day program (07:30-13 o'clock), price 175 KM

All-day program includes: breakfast, morning exercise, education time, playing and learning in the courtyard, lunch time, sleeping time, snack time and play time.

Half-day program includes: breakfast, morning exercise, education time, playing and learning in the courtyard, lunch time.

Education time includes: Primary work program which includes the development of  motor skills, communication skills, social and emotional skills, intellectual development, creativity.

Play time includes playing in the courtyard and in the playing room which is supervised by educators.

Compulsory program for children in the year before starting school is realized according to the worksheets approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of  Sarajevo Canton.

Feeding children in „Kid IUS“ is done in accordance with current standards and recommendations for nutrition for children of preschool age.

Registration to “Kid IUS” is during the whole school year. We offer you the opportunity to come together with your child and see the kindergarten, every day from Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 17 o’clock.

For more information contact us:

+387 33 957 490


Facebook: Vrtić “Kid IUS” Ilidža

Notice: There is a possibility to change the working time of the kindergarten, if there is sufficient demand to start it earlier in the morning, from 7:00 am and finish it in 18:00.






Bosna Hersek

Hrasnička cesta 15, 71210 Ilidža, Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina


Feshane Cd. No 21 Eyup Istanbul



BiH :

Tel  : +387 33 957 130
Fax : +387 33 957 105


Tel 1: +090 212 563 91 36
Tel 2: +090 212 563 91 79
Mobile:+090 533 308 95 52
E-Mail: iusistanbul@ius.edu.ba



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